• AIDCO PRESS was established in 2000 with the aim of attracting demand for parts and assemblages and color services for automobile companies.

    The overall policy of the organization follows the following principles:

    • Continuous improvement in all activities of the organization

    • Timely delivery

    • Efforts to achieve zero waste and increase product quality

    • Satisfy customers and meet their requirements

    • Increasing the level of human resources through training

    • Compliance with technical regulations and government regulations, legal and occupational safety

    In this regard, the company plans to provide trained personnel with appropriate equipment and machinery, and to maintain and improve quality assurance systems based on the latest edition of ISO / TS 16949 and the requirements of SAPCO, Sazeh Gostar, Renault Pars and other customers in order to reach. Move to the above principles. Meanwhile, the company considers itself bound to establish an EFQM organizational excellence model.

    To this end, it formulates its policy and, in the light of the policies and advancements of the organization, revisits the policy in appropriate cases.

    The managing director of the company is responsible for publishing and ensuring the full understanding of the quality policy by all personnel, and declares its commitment to maintaining and developing a quality management system, and expects all personnel and organization to expect collaboration to achieve the above principles.

Energy Management

  • The Automative Industry Development Company has integrated its energy management system policy in line with the quality management, safety and health management policies as follows: Energy efficiency optimization to meet the quality objectives of energy consumption and Minimizing the environmental impacts, safety and health of the employees and ensuring the satisfaction of the stakeholders resulting from the use of energy carriers in this industrial unit and declares its commitment to using more energy efficient technologies as follows:
    Section 1) Optimization of the heat exchanger network in such a way that the highest thermal recovery is achieved
    Section 2) Optimization of the production, transmission and distribution of electrical energy in heating and cooling systems and compressed air and consuming centers in such a way as to minimize energy losses
    Section 3) Optimization of the water supply network in such a way that the least disturbance in the distribution of water occurs
    Section 4) Reduction of energy consumption by examining, upgrading and replacing equipment with low energy efficiency with standard equipment
    Section 5) Implementation of energy management in all buildings and facilities for optimal use and saving energy consumption
    Section 6) Development and promotion of human resource training level of the company in order to utilize the partnership and their participation in successful implementation of the company's energy management projects.
    Section 7) Continuous measurement and measurement of the company's production with energy consumption and assessment of their compliance
    Section 8) Use of Qualified Suppliers and Contractors in the Energy Management Division
    Therefore, this policy is intended to inform and apply all relevant operational and staffing factors in the energy production and consumption sector.

Safety Management

  • The Pressed Automotive Development Company, Inc. is one of the largest manufacturers of parts and assemblies in Pressed, with the full belief that personnel, the most valuable material and spiritual resources of the company, protect and safeguard them as one of their most important policies. And thus sets OHSAS18001: 2007 as a model of occupational safety and health management system and follows the following objectives :
    • Reducing occupational incidents for all personnel through control of health and safety hazards.
    • Attention to personnel mental health and efforts to reduce their mental stress. Protecting and protecting contractors from contracting parties who are affected by the company's safety risks by communicating relevant regulations and regulations
    • Carrying out activities to identify and reduce safety and health risks in the organization
    Promoting awareness and empowerment Employees on safety and health issues through continuous and effective management of the company, while adhering to the above principles, as well as adherence to the rules of occupational health and safety and other related requirements, and with the commitment to continuous improvement of this system and prevention of injury and illness It requires all staff to move in the direction of the set goals, it is hoped The cooperation, sympathy and sympathy of all the staff of the company have provided the achievement of the above objectives.


  • Trust and Customer Orientation
  • AIDCO PRESS is not merely thinking about respecting customers, but also considers them as valuable assets, and is committed to delivering goods and services in the shortest time, with the lowest cost and highest quality of customer service, and attracting customer trust.
  • Honesty and Unity
  • With the help of its stakeholders, AIDCO aims at achieving its great objectives and for achieving this AIDCO relies on the unity, honesty and synergy of its staff in its quality policies.
  • Knowledge Orientation
  • A knowledge-oriented organization is the one which considers knowledge as an asset and AIDCO wants to implement this fact by its fact by its knowledgeable staff lesson-learnt from the past and other organizations and sharing it throughout the organization.
  • Human Esteem
  • An esteemed person with his suitable and Islamic behavior in all levels of organization tries to be responsible for all delegated tasks.
  • Organization Excellence
  • AIDCO tries to achieve its objectives by relying on sustained improvement and considers this objective as the base of maintaining the company in a competitive environment to achieve future success.


  • Organizational Excellence Declaration
  • With the help of God, AIDCO PRESS Company as a committed organization to excellence, has chosen EFQM 2010 edition, as a role model and pattern for itself to improve the organization to the highest level in industry in all aspects and to create a balance between the requirements and expectations perceived by all its stakeholders.
  • ·         Creating desired values for customers with the correct perception of their requirements and the expectations of the stakeholders and achieving their satisfaction through gaining balanced results.
  • ·         Developing the spirit of excellence and strategic leadership together with stability in objectives and fair conduct.
  • ·         Effective management according to procedures and fact-based decision making
  • ·         Developing and supporting cooperation philosophy, team-work, logical synergy, and achievements by personnel.
  • ·         Nurturing and developing creativity, innovation and talents of the stakeholders together with the learning culture.
  • ·         Maintaining and promoting the organizational excellence culture through increasing mutual trust atmosphere between us and the business partners.
  • ·         Having social responsibility for sustainable future and following the social responsibilities.
  • And the managers, officials and the personnel of AIDCOPRESS believe that above-mentioned terms can be actualized under the supervisions of beliefs, working conscience of each manager and personnel with persistent efforts. .


  • Producing sets and parts needed for car manufacturers and related industries and effective presence in target markets with the benefit of expert, efficient, knowledge-based and loyal manpower through research, development and utilization of domestic and foreign resources and capacities, By organizing and managing science and based on strategic thinking in order to provide the interests of stakeholders and maximize the domestic added value.